Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Protectmyid.com is an identity protection service that protects your credit files from being stolen. This service is provided by Experian which is one of the three important credit bureaus. They monitor the credit files of the protectmyid.com customers. Besides identity theft, recovery support, internet scanning, and a $1000000 product guarantee is also offered at protectmyid.com. 

Protectmyid.com alerts its customers as soon as a transaction is made in their Equifax, TransUnion, or Experian credit file. As per the customer’s choice, they will get text message alerts or email alerts. When someone decides to protect his or her identity with the protectmyid.com, he or she has to sign up at their website. During this signing up, the customer gets one credit card report from Experian. You need to pay to buy the additional reports and scores. Customers who would like to have their credit reports from all the three credit bureaus can get them by paying just $19.95. 

The ProtectMyId collects your account numbers from you soon after you register with it. All the three credit bureaus safeguard your Social Security number, credit card number, bank accounts and debit card number by scanning the internet to make sure that no transaction is made without your knowledge. 

ProtectMyId also provides its customers with Lost Wallet service in which if your credit card is lost or if it is stolen, it can be cancelled immediately. ProtectMyId also offers a service called ChildSecure in which it monitors your child’s credit files and reports you if any suspicious activity is found. You get charged an extra amount of $6.95 every month for the ChildSecure service. With the ProtectMyId child’s credit files monitoring service, you can be at peace about your children’s credit security, for these days not only adult identities get stolen but also that of children’s. 

To test the reliability and efficiency of their service, ProtectMyId provides a 14 days trial service. If at all during this period you are not completely satisfied with their service provided, ProtectMyID charges no money for the trail period.